Rebranding Medical Facility

Founded as a cosmetic surgery company, the center was faced with the challenge of increasing revenue streams while launching a new product incorporating longevity within the current plastic surgery business structure. We successfully rebranded from ‘Dr. Baxter’ to Phase Plastic Surgery. As a company, however, navigating a rebrand, can initially show a decline in revenue if there’s lacking brand consistency. In this overarching marketing and short term business proposal, we suggested new and profitable ways to market each existing and new plastic surgeon, identified new marketing channels and delegated ownership of longevity programs including groundbreaking skincare supplementation, along with educational training. Creation and consistent measuring of lead generation and a comprehensive CRM system along with metric tracking, follow up and key performance indicators (KPI) quickly generated attention and ultimately client leads. We successfully grew an audience of men and women aged 18-54 and built excitement about aesthetic medicine overall in the last quarter of 2022 and beyond.