TV News coverage for NEW clients

Booking media appearances on talk shows and podcasts

How can I get a network television station to feature my business?

The subject matter should be relevant and follow the trends.

However, getting in front of the news media and gaining editorial approval can be challenging.

Determine what aspects of your business could be of interest to TV news outlets. This could include product launches, milestone achievements, community involvement, unique stories about your company or industry.

Highlight the human interest angle, such as how your product or service positively impacts people’s lives or how your company overcame challenges to achieve success.

Reporters and producers receive thousands of press releases. Bypass the hamster wheel by establishing relationships. Provide reporters with timely and relevant information, even video excerpts. Visual content is king!news media

Having a designated spokesperson available at all times is key. If a reporter calls, be ready to jump!

You can evaluate the impact of TV news coverage on your business by tracking metrics such as website traffic, sales inquiries, or social media engagement. Analyzing these metrics will help you assess the effectiveness of your PR efforts and make adjustments as needed.

Being proactive and continually seeking thought leadership opportunities will help you win the long game.

When it comes to winning over the news media, it requires relationship building (we do that for you) and a healthy serving of secret sauce!